Supported currencies which can be used to represent the monetary value of a deal, or a value of any monetary type custom field. The Currency.code field must be used to point to a currency. Currency.code is the ISO-4217 format currency code for non-custom currencies. You can differentiate custom and non-custom currencies using the is_custom_flag property. For custom currencies, it is intended that the formatted sums are displayed in the UI using the following format: [sum][non-breaking space character][currency.symbol], for example: 500 users. Custom currencies cannot be added or removed via the API yet — rather the admin users of the account must configure them from the Pipedrive app.

Get all supported currencies

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Returns all supported currencies in given account which should be used when saving monetary values with other objects. The code parameter of the returning objects is the currency code according to ISO 4217 for all non-custom currencies.

API v1


Query parameters



Optional search term that is searched for from currency's name and/or code



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